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Choosing the right project delivery system is a critical part of the strategy when embarking on a new project. The traditional design-bid-build project delivery method can be a good choice but requires strong management to bridge the gap from the design to the construction phase of the project. Design-build is a project delivery method that allows the owner to have a unified flow of work from initial concept through completion, and where risk and responsibility is covered under one contract.

At Linkan we use the design-build concept to successfully deliver construction projects with superior results. We are not just a contractor or an engineer, we embody all disciplines to design and construct as an integrated service. The roles of engineering design and constructor are unified to streamline the delivery of the project.

As a united team from the start, Linkan’s approach of integrated disciplines fosters collaboration and teamwork to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively and with optimized project quality. By coordinating and optimizing the design with the construction effort, Linkan greatly enhances the accuracy, quality, constructability and schedule for the project.


Project Management
Construction Management
Engineering Design
Design-Build Delivery
Design-Bid-Building Delivery


Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water Supply
Water Conveyance
Mining Process Plants
Industrial Facilities
Control Systems

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