We at Linkan have been working locally and globally for over 10 years, serving the mining and mineral industries in North American communities.

About Our Company

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Focusing mainly on providing water solutions to the community, Linkan was founded in 2012. Since then, we have been doing our best to work locally and globally for the mining and mineral industries in North American communities.


Our Approach

We approach water management from a holistic angle. Whether its water treatment, quality, resources, supply, or conveyance, we’ll consider every aspect of your system to ensure your satisfaction.

We follow these guiding principles to ensure we provide the best services.


Oversee the entire water management site to minimize the size and complexity of necessary treatment facilities.


Approach all our assignments with a detailed perspective based on chemistry rather than just the application of vendor-provided systems.


Self-Perform all testing so that we can make faster and more involved process design decisions.


Prepare and deliver realistic estimates for the expenses so our clients can set more accurate project priorities.


Maintain respect for the Law of Conservation of Mass. Any contaminants in the water can generate treatment wastes that can affect systems of any size.

Our Philosophy

Our Team at Linkan Engineering views water treatment as part of the overall process of an industrial or municipal application. Through our solutions, we aim to minimize water quality problems and maximize water usage.